The market for hybrid energy and storage

Deepak Thakur, CEO of the hybrid and energy storage business at Indian solar developer Sterling and Wilson, has spoken to pv magazine about the global market, and said: “Efficient and economically viable energy storage, and optimal hybridization, are crucial for ensuring the expansion of renewable power generation both at the grid and micro-grid scale.”

pv magazine India: The hybrid and energy storage market is gaining traction globally. What projects has Sterling and Wilson carried out in emerging markets?

Deepak Thakur: The hybrid and energy storage (HES) business of Sterling and Wilson Pvt Ltd (SWPL) provides EPC [engineering, procurement and construction] solutions for hybrid power plants and energy storage worldwide. These hybridized energy and battery storage solutions can be applied across various verticals—from large, centralized fossil and renewable power plants to data centers, the commercial and industrial (C&I) segment, and remote settings such as islands. 

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