Indian lithium battery factory begins production

Inverted Energy has started manufacturing at its 100 MWh lithium battery assembly facility at Okhla, New Delhi. The plant will initially produce batteries for energy storage systems in the residential and commercial sectors, and for electric-mobility applications. The plan is to eventually cater to critical applications in the telecom and health care sectors.

From pv magazine India

Delhi-based Inverted Energy recently started operating a 100 MWh lithium-ion battery assembly unit in the city’s Okhla industrial area.

The facility will initially focus on producing batteries for energy storage systems in the residential, C&I, and utility-scale sectors, as well as electric mobility applications.

The company also plans to expand its in-house manufacturing capabilities to cater to critical applications in the health care and telecoms sectors, Inverted Energy co-founder Aditya Goel told pv magazine.

The company sources Li-ion cells for its batteries from countries such as South Korea, Japan and China, where most of the world’s cell manufacturing capacity is concentrated.

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