Indian rooftop PV capacity nears 6 GW

Bridge to India figures show dominance of Chinese inverters, which supplied almost 80% of installs from July last year to the end of June.

India reached 5,953 MW of rooftop solar generation capacity at the end of June, with 1,140 MW added since July last year, according to the latest rooftop solar map released by consultant Bridge To India.

Of the cumulative total, commercial and industrial arrays contributed 4,373 MW, residential 804 MW and public sector installs 776 MW with the capital expenditure (capex) payment upfront model amounting to 69% (4,102 MW) of purchases. The balance of purchases were by organizations who own and install arrays on rented, third-party rooftops in return for electricity receipts, under the operating expenditure (opex) approach. In the year to July, capex purchases made up 61% of the 1,140 MW figure.

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