Jinko unveils new 610 W solar panels

The Chinese manufacturer introduced new PV modules this weekend at the SNEC solar exhibition in Shanghai.

Chinese PV module maker JinkoSolar unveiled its new 610 W Tiger Pro TR solar modules on Saturday at the SNEC PV Power Expo in Shanghai.

The manufacturer said that the new panels are based on its n-type TOPCon monocrystalline cell tech, which boast a 24.79% conversion efficiency rate. The modules has a reported efficiency of 22.3%, with a 78-cell design. The company did not reveal any other technical details.

In an earlier statement, JinkoSolar said the new PV modules are based on HOT design and tunnel-oxide passivating contact (TOPCon) tech. It applied several technologies to reach the reported cell efficiency level, including an advanced diffusion system, surface passivation, and an advanced anti-reflection technique. Material upgrades were also integrated into the cell process, the company said.

“The record-breaking monocrystalline silicon solar cell will be gradually applied to product production,” JinkoSolar said in mid-July.

In addition to the new 610 W panels, the company also presented a new BIPV module series with power output of 550 W. Its new “PV + Architecture” line is available in different colors and levels of translucence, the manufacturer said, without revealing any other product details.

In June, JinkoSolar VP Dany Qian told pv magazine that the Pro Tiger module series will become the company’s main revenue contributor in 2022, surpassing its Tiger 475 W panels. The Pro Tiger series of PV modules was unveiled in mid-May.

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